Like many other things this year, the way we celebrate Halloween has changed. Nevertheless, that does not mean we will not find creative and entertaining ways to celebrate at home, where we are safe. Sure, as safe as we can be with all the ghosts and spirits flying around and scaring people all night long. Am I right?

I know what you are going to say „But what about the parties?” „What about the best costume competition? Who is going to win now?”. To answer your question, you can always throw a small party at someone’s place and trust me it can turn out to be even better than any other gathering at a pub. Why is that? Because you can decorate the place exactly how you want to, you can get all the scary food you crave like for instance „Night of the living garlic bread” „Draculony and cheese” „Sleepy buffalo wings” „A nightmare on coconut meat” and so on and so forth.      

Now when it comes to the costume competition, that operation much like Green Lantern and like in any other year, it’s a go. You can put on the scariest costume you have, that includes the mean witch one and the winner will be whoever does not get scared or cries at the horror movie you will watch. How does that sound?

Also you will never complain about the music because you will have the best playlist and the scariest one as well.

„Yes, sure, but who is going to make the playlist, tho’?”. I am so glad you asked. Here is where I come in and help you guys with the scariest playlist of all time.   

Full disclosure: I wanted to recommend you guys some horror movies as well, but I must confess I am a bigger chicken then C-3PO from Star Wars, so I will let you decide what movie to watch.

Even so, what I am going to ask you guys is to tell me a true scary story you lived (with supernatural elements). The best ones will find their way into an article so everyone can read them. I will be receiving the stories until the 30.10.2020 on the email I can’t wait to read your stories.

In the meantime, here is the official soundtrack for Halloween this year.

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