A while back I came to you guys with this new vibe „Netflix and Learn” that I’ve created not because I don’t like to chill. Trust me my friends, I’d be chillin’ like Bob Dylan, but in all seriousness, the reason I wanted to start recommending Documentaries on Netflix it’s because they are really cool, insightful and amazingly done.

I love that they cover a lot of ground, meaning that they thought about making documentaries that will appeal to a large audience, not only one segment. So if you love science, they’ve got you covered, if you love history, same. If you are looking for documentaries about nature, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

What I do is always check the new upcoming shows/series/documentaries and set a reminder. Because without it, often I forget what’s new on the platform. And seeing all the shows in my list makes it a lot easier for me to track what I’m planning to binge-watch. While I was browsing through my list, I found three documentaries that you guys need to add to the list as well and watch them as soon as possible.

The Great Hack.

Social Media has been a huge part of my life for a while now, and I don’t expect this will change anytime soon. For those of you who came late to the party, back in the day, in the early days of Facebook, things were a tad different. I remember such a carefree environment, everyone was checking-in wherever they went, with no questions asked and without giving an ounce of thought. You know who cared about privacy and personal information back then? No one. That’s the truth, and there’s no denying it.

Right now the entire world has become more and more concerned about privacy and personal information. For good reason. How many of you spoke on the phone about…I don’t know feeling hungry for instance and then an ad pops up with a recommendation on your Facebook feed or IG. Because it happened to me more than once. It was funny, until it wasn’t.

This amazing documentary points out one of the biggest threats the world has right now: the use of our personal information by all the huge tech companies to manipulate our behavior. You know what’s the worst part? You don’t even realize it. You can’t even tell that they are using your own information against you. They are using it to know you so they can „feed” you the kind of information that they want you to see. And they are being so smooth about it. Of course in a malicious, illegal, evil kind of way.

It all started with the idea of connecting the people, but in this truly shocking documentary we learn how Social Media can influence an election and how they used private information to predict voter’s behavior.


I gotta be honest here, I never dreamed of becoming a spy, but I sure thought they were cool tho’. From Tom Cruise in „Mission impossible” to Daniel Craig as „James Bond” spies were the ones with the cool gadgets, with all the mystery and secrets, the very expensive cars and the awesome and dangerous missions. What’s not to love, am I right?

Spycraft is the closest documentary out there that explains everything about spying from day one to the mind-blowing technology they have today. By nature I’m very curious (not necessarily a good quality) and watching this documentary I was actually able to confirm what I believed to be true all along: the use of deadly poisons, sexspionage and the reasons a spy might consider betraying his/hers country (not gonna tell you what they are, you need to see the documentary and be amazed by yourself).

You’ll get all the facts about real cases, involving real people. When they said real life is nothing compared to a movie, this is what they meant. The very real stories and all the inside scoop are here in this documentary. Watch it and tell me what you think.

Countdown to death: Pablo Escobar

We all saw „Narcos” and we all know who Pablo Escobar was. The Tv show was breathtaking (and I mean that literally because some scenes were so unpredictable and horrific) and it made his way to one of the most incredible Tv shows I’ve ever watched. It was the true story behind it for me. I did not appreciate, respected or loved none of the actions Pablo Escobar took. The only thing I loved tho’ was to see and learn at the same time how Escobar got to become a drug lord. The path that led to a life of violence, power and ultimately his most expected death.

Even tho’ the Tv show had real footage of what was going on at that time, the documentary Countdown to death: Pablo Escobar brigs all the people that were around Pablo to set the record straight about life in the era of Escobar. From his widow, to his hit man and the officers involved in his arrest, everyone speaks out about the dark times Colombia lived under the wing of Escobar.

These were my top choices for you guys. Let me know what you think and what should I watch next.

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