You guys already know what time it is. Grab your popcorn, comfort food, your favorite beverage, your coziest blanket and get ready, cause there is lots to watch and so little time. This is a drop everything moment and check this out type of situation. So what I’m gonna need from you at this time is focus and trust in the process. I’ve done my research in regards to the documentaries Netflix has to offer these days and there’s a few amazing ones that deserve your attention.

Let’s just get into this article, shall we? Here’s the documentaries you should most definitely add to your list.

Terrorism close calls

We’re out here, living our lives… ok, maybe in this moment not our best lives, but still, you know…we’re here drinking our cup of Joe, enjoying a few rays of sunshine, and then there’s the people who fight terrorism on a daily basis. I’m just gonna say it, read that again. I could never understand the difficulties, importance and magnitude of a job like this so for me every piece of information I get from the actual people who do this job is pure gold.

From the second I saw the trailer for this docuseries I realized it’s going to be one that I could watch again and again. Let’s be real for a quick second. We don’t truly know what’s going on in the world and watching these episodes confirmed to me what I already knew, that my day to day problems are not even problems. So it was like the reality check I needed.

In this documentary you will learn about the close calls the world had when it comes to terrorism and how every task force proceeded to avoid disasters that were on the edge of happening. And that’s all the spoilers you will read from me. You need to watch the documentary yourself.

The Sons of Sam – A descent into darkness

Anyone who knows me can attest that I’m an enthusiast of this kind of murder documentaries. So it should come as no surprise that I was familiar with Son of Sam and I had a general idea of what happened.

Even so, the information YouTube had to offer about this case back in the day when I first saw a documentary was incomplete to say the least. In this new mini-series on Netflix we learn that there is much more to know and this might not be just a serial killer. Is it possible that investigators and crime scene specialists got it wrong? Could this have been a bigger case and everyone missed it? Or was Son of Sam part of a bigger conspiracy that the authorities knowingly ignored?

Yes, I know, there’s a lot of questions and for you to find out the answers, you need to watch the documentary; because let me tell you, even I was shocked and baffled about all the evidence that was presented. Make your own conclusions and feel free to let me know in the comment section.

The Social Dilemma

When I tell you guys that this documentary was everything I hoped for and more, I’m not even lying or exaggerating. You will know, you will understand once you watch it yourself. We are listening to the people who were there, who were there when the era of Social Media was born. Every single one of them took part and actually helped create this new online reality we are currently living in.

And now… now they are speaking up and being confronted with the hard questions regarding the addiction to Social Media, the fake news problem, the mental health issues Social Media caused especially to young people; and so much more. It’s highly uncommon for tech insiders to be so upfront and honest about these matters. But it seems that things have gone far enough and they all agreed to express freely their take on what’s happening.

Should tech companies have a moral compass? Or an „ethical design” like Tristan Harris calls it? Was Social Media created with good intentions, but somewhere along the way someone ignored the chaos/confusion/misinformation that was happening? These are very good questions and all the answers are in this documentary. Watch it and share your thoughts on this in the comment section.

Money explained

Let’s be honest here because it’s a safe space, alright? Whenever the possibility for money comes along, we just don’t want to miss it. And for some reason, all logic and common sense just goes out the window because the only thing we can think of is profit and having the life we always dreamed of.

We want to take advantage of a situation, but more often than not, isn’t the situation taking advantage of us? When it comes to money there are a lot of people who will tell you exactly what you want to hear just so they can lure you in and make you believe that you are the luckiest person on Earth for having the opportunity to make lots and lots of money. These people will make you feel special, unique and privileged for being there to invest or buy whatever they are offering.

Why do people keep falling for financial scams? How can you make sure you are not part of one? Easy: watch this documentary that exposes con artists showing you exactly how they work.

Let me know what you think about these documentaries and feel free to share others I should watch in the comment section.

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