For those of you who are new here on my website, let me fill you in really quickly about one thing: I know Social Media can be toxic, misleading and overwhelming, but I do my best to use it to my advantage and discover new amazing people who do amazing things. For those specific people, the people with great potential and great talent I am willing to scour all over the internet to find them. Why you ask? Because they deserve to have their art, craft, business recognized and known by as many people as possible.

It’s no picnic to be an artist, a small business owner, a writer or any profession really that has to do with creative work and promoting it on Social Media to get to your audience. Speaking from my own experience, sometimes it can be discouraging when things don’t work out as planned or even confusing because you are trying all these strategies and figuring out which one is a better fit for your brand.

This time around I wanted you guys to meet Nadia, an amazing small business owner from Croatia that makes incredible resin art that I simply fell in love with. Her brand is called „summergirldesigns” and before you ask, the answer is yes, I found her page simply scrolling on IG one day and again the answer to your next question is yes, I immediately sent her an email because I loved all the pieces that she posted on her page and to me her work is very unique.

We touched on some interesting topics in this interview, for instance what’s like to be a small business owner, we will actually find out the story about how the brand started, how resin art is made, and so much more. All the tea is in the interview below.

Have a read. 

For the people who don’t know, tell us how the brand „summergirldesigns” started. 

Summer Girl Designs started accidently when I was browsing the internet with my mom and came across a few resin videos on YouTube. We were immediately interested in it and both wanted to try it out. My mom tried it first, and showed me the ropes. It was a hobby for a little while, but I grew very passionate about it and wanted to turn it into a business. I grew up in California so I was never exposed to winter weather, and living in Croatia now I’m still not used to it. As you might be able to tell I consider myself more of a summer girl. I love warm days by the sea and flowers, and I try to translate that into my art.

In your opinion, what makes resin art so special and why did you choose to work with this type of material?

I love resin because of how versatile it is. If you want to create a coaster set, there are so many different designs and techniques that can be used and achieved; the possibilities are endless. That’s what makes it so special to me, is that it’s completely up to you and your creativity and imagination. Resin can be used to create so many different things as well. I’m currently focusing on home decor items such as coasters, trays, boards, and clocks for example but would eventually like to try some bigger projects and smaller projects as well like jewelry.

How do you find the inspiration to create all these different models for your art?

I have a lot of different sources of inspiration. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature. The beaches in Croatia are beautiful and I try to replicate that in some of my pieces. I like to work with real flowers which can be preserved in resin or try to replicate a flower with resin and pigments.

I used to always be drawing or doodling growing up so I love using resin as a medium to express my creativity. Sometimes I get random ideas that pop into my head and I just feel like I need to do them as soon as possible. I found some fabric at a craft store and had it sitting at home for a few weeks until I had the idea to try jellyfish, and made them the same day. There are also a lot of really talented resin artists who inspire me, and of course my mom who is a great artist and is teaching me a lot when I get to work with her.

How easy it is to maintain the quality of your art over time and what should the client know about this topic?

Sometimes it takes several attempts to achieve the end product. Another thing I love about resin is that if something didn’t turn out as planned, you can usually add another layer of resin on top and get a new start that way instead of giving up on that piece. I’ve shown ‘saving’ some pieces in this way on my YouTube channel, and it’s a good way to not get discouraged if something was a flop. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work and attention to detail that clients may not always get to see, and I think anything handmade takes a lot of time, patience and care to achieve the final products.

What are the most common questions you receive from clients/customers about your art?

Most questions I get are regarding custom orders, pricing and delivery. I have a section on my Instagram where all of my available products can be found, and those are immediately ready for shipping. Custom orders on the other hand can take a few weeks to complete. Some people also ask me if the products can be easily broken. Resin can give off a similar appearance to glass, so it may look fragile but it’s a very durable material and is difficult to break.

What are the steps to create resin art and how long does it take in order to be done and ready to be available for purchase?

The very first thing is to have a well ventilated space, the proper safety equipment such as a respirator mask and nitrile gloves, and all the materials like resin and pigments. Usually my process begins by pouring into a silicone mold and demolding it the next day. Then I sand down the edges and add a top coat to protect and dome the piece. Most resins need to cure for at least 5-7 days before they can be shipped, but don’t fully cure for up to 30 days. When I accept an order, I usually need around 2 weeks for it to be ready for shipping but sometimes can be up to 3.

As a small business owner, what are the everyday struggles you face?

I think the biggest obstacle in owning a small business is time management. Because as a small business owner you’re in charge of every department; marketing, customer service, finance, production, sales, and research. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m working too much or not enough.

Even when I take breaks or go for a walk, my brain is constantly thinking of what I could do next. It’s funny because when  I go to the beach all I can see is my next beach coaster set or tray. My mom and I will joke with each other about the cells in the waves which can be achieved with resin. I’m really grateful to have found something that I love doing and wouldn’t change a thing.

How can people order your art and is it available to order outside Croatia?

I currently take orders through Instagram, Facebook, or e-mail and ship worldwide.

If you were to choose a favorite piece that you made, what would it be and why so?

That’s a difficult one. I definitely have pieces I prefer to others but my favorite probably has to be my very first resin coasters. Mainly because they were my very first attempt at working with resin and remind me of the very beginning of this journey, but I also love the combination of flowers with white and gold.

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