Brendon Gornick


„Go on TikTok”, they said. „It will be fun”, they said. And guys, let me tell you, they were not wrong. Like so many of you, when I heard about this app I rolled my eyes so hard I could go back in time. I confess that I was arrogant and quick to judge this app at first. I kept thinking „No, you’ll never see me there, that’s for kids”. And little did I know, months later, I was going to install the app. „Why?” you ask? I gotta be honest here, IG was and maybe still is my favorite app, but TikTok just makes me smile and forget about bad vibes, bad thoughts and gives me all together a great mood. I can hear some of you saying „Yeah, sure, but Roxana, once you get on TikTok you spend there hours and hours. That’s not ok”. I would have…

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