From where I’m standing, the fashion industry/world has this magnetic quality that makes everyone pay attention to every single detail and transformation that’s happening in this field. And each season we see lots of changes and new creative ideas coming from all the fashion designers all around the world. For me, fashion simply means that what I wear makes me feel beautiful, confident, empowered, and last, but certainly not least, makes me feel unique. It’s the only thing that actually matters when it comes to fashion. You need to be authentic and true to yourself and don’t let a silly fashion trend define you and make you think that you need to wear a certain type of clothing just because a fashion designer said so.

Fashion goes deeper than that, and unfortunately not a lot of people can see it. If created the right way, with the right intentions in mind, fashion can become art. That’s why they say less is more when it comes to fashion, because it’s about quality, not quantity. Most people get lost in translation and forget the real meaning of fashion and what it is supposed to stand for. It is supposed to showcase your personality to everyone around, your entire vibe and express your style through fashion. Every outfit that we put on it’s a statement, it’s a message, whether we believe it or not. And since a lot of people will see it, remember, it’s important to be you, and not try to mirror or impress someone else.

I’ve loved fashion since I was young and I’ve always admired and respected the people who can actually create clothes. It’s so amazing to me how their creativity and mind work and how they approach fashion in general. This is why I wanted you guys to meet David&Daniel, both fashion designers for the brand WARBURTON, that makes clothes for men. Their brand caught my attention because they’re very dynamic, different and still minimalistic in their designs. I feel like this is the perfect mix which is why I wanted to find out more about how their brand started and what are the challenges for them, as fashion designers.

Where does the inspiration come from? How important is the process of choosing the fabrics for the clothes? A lot more questions and a lot more answers in the interview below.

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Tell us how your passion for fashion started. What made you enter this world?

We have always been very influenced by our mum I would say, she loved fashion and from our early age she always tried to put us on the best fits hahaha and we really enjoyed it, so definitely that’s when the seed was planted.

What’s the story behind the clothing brand WARBURTON? What makes it different from the other ones?

WARBURTON is our second name which comes from the UK, we are half Spanish and half British. When we worked on the brand DNA we wanted the brand to be just who we are, so we took the part that inspired us the most from each side of our roots, and that’s how WARBURTON was born in a mix of two cultures. Generally speaking from our Spanish roots we took the sophisticated side of the brand and from the UK side we took the subversive side. When you see the brand you can bring that concept down to Pearls and Balaclavas.

What are some things you wish you knew before entering the fashion world? Is it the way you expected to be?

I guess it would have been great to know everything we know today, but we understand it took us everything we went through to get to the point we are today. We were just two kids with the idea of making clothes, the rest we had to learn by ourselves with patience and experience.

As a designer, how does inspiration work when it comes to creating new designs and coming-up with new ideas for your clothing line?

In our brand it plays a very important role. During our creative process we always bring different concepts that we would like to develop and contextualize in the fashion scene, from there we start  building what eventually will be the collection and everything around it. (Film, lookbook, graphics…)

What are your thoughts on the fast fashion industry? Can a fast fashion brand make you look/feel unique when everybody is wearing the same clothes?

In our opinion it can’t, because there’s nothing behind that piece, no story, no inspiration, no concepts developed… it’s just a garment made emulating what’s working currently.

Let’s talk about quality. How do you choose the fabrics for the clothes and how important is this step for you, as a designer?

From our perspective, you can’t create an amazing and unique design without the right fabric, so it’s very important. We normally try our designs in a variety of different fabrics that might work and then after careful consideration, select the one that will work the best.

How much time does it take to create a new clothing line? What does this process work?

Depends, sometimes we really develop concepts very quickly and we get to the result we are looking for and other times it takes a little bit longer. We normally have a first meeting to speak about the concepts and inspiration for the collection, after that I will develop my designs, Dani will develop his and we set up one day to put them all together and choose the ones we like the most. From that moment we go over the ones we selected and focus on the details to finish them before sampling.

Many people have the following mentality „Why should I buy one designer piece, when I can buy multiple fakes or from other cheaper brands?” How would you respond to this statement?

Well, for us the most important thing when it comes to buying clothes or whenever someone chooses to buy from our brand, we put a lot of emphasis on the experience behind that process, not only the act of buying a nice piece; but also getting to understand more about the DNA of the brand and connect with it in different levels not only on the physical. We can understand not everyone looks for that in fashion so even tho’ we don’t support that mentality we can understand it.

Tell us where everybody can follow you on Social Media and how can they order clothing pieces from your website?

We sell our pieces through our own webpage

And you can find us on these platforms as well:

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