Whoever knows me, knows I can’t watch horror movies, not even to save my life. Ok, scratch that, maybe I will, but that’s the only case where I would actually watch a horror movie. The scary part in a horror movie is that almost every time it’s based on a real story. This is where it gets real for me.

This particular story is not mine, because if it was, I would probably just hide under my security blanket. But in this case, I heard the story from Andreea, who’s a dear friend and I laughed thinking about the entire situation. Make no mistake. This is no laughing matter, guys. But hearing this as an outsider, you gotta admit, it’s pretty hilarious.  

Read the entire story and judge for yourself:

Working in outsourcing is the kind of job about which the best thing is that you will „never know what’s gonna come through that door”. I have been working in a couple of contact centers for about 6 years now. I came across so many weird, funny, embarrassing situations that I cannot even count, but there are some that I could simply never forget.

I remember of a particular call that came in very early in the morning and it came from a user from North America. The man calling said that the house seems to be possessed by the presence of a poltergeist. Yep, right! Have you ever watched Supernatural? That kind of presence. This was going to be the first time in my life when television provided the only solution to the problem. But, how do you approach this situation?

Well, you begin by apologizing for the situation in a calmly, warm manner. I have asked the customer for more details in regard to what was really happening. He said doors are opening and closing from time to time, and various times he found a photo frame on the bed, in the photo appeared to be a deceased person.

He said he thinks the person lived inside the house, and something must be keeping him tied to this reality. I tried to remain serious about this, as every human has his beliefs, and we must respect that. Being a sucker for supernatural movies, I immediately remembered how Sam and Dean would handle this instance. I advised the customer to use salt and iron to isolate the affected room, as he was staying in the house just for one more night.

So he did, he isolated the room with salt that night he sent photos for confirmation. I followed up with him next day, after check out, and he thanked me so deeply for the assistance, he said it was the first time in a week he managed to sleep.

I still do not have any idea what this call was all about, I was just happy it was over. And I hope this story puts a smile on your face.

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